Sent Jumpin’

Sent Jumpin’ is my moniker. Its origin is roughly from “jump blues” or simply “jump” music in the 1940s.

Along with “boogie-woogie”…it was the precursor to rock ‘n roll.  There’s no concise definition here, because it’s musician’s slanguage for a feeling or emotion.

It’s like “lively” – “bouncy” – “it’s swingin’ man!” – “the joint is jumpin’ ” – “off the hook” (or) “that sent me jumpin’,  boss!”
Crazy good, you know.

I’m like that.  Looking outside the box for what interests me and soaking it up like a sponge.  You’re as young as the fun.  There are many things of which I’m passionate and that turns me on.  Discovering early in grade school that I had a talent for art and music…both widened my imagination and has been a part of my life ever since.

The instrument I chose to learn and play was drums.  Its a good thing, because (as a youngster) I became a proficient player very fast.  Have always been the drummer.  I played in groups with high school seniors while I was still in grade school.  Never became a big rock star as planned – but have had plenty “brushes with greatness” in my career.

My artist side I nourished as well.  Getting a degree in Adverting Design (Commercial Art) fairly early.  Increasing technology compelled me to continue my education and I received a certification in web design from Emory University – Atlanta, Ga.
Samples of My Work

So, as you might have guessed – the focus of famous rock posters is very much in my wheel house.  There’s nothing I like better than to discuss my infatuation with the sixties (an explosion of creativity –  socially and artistically) that I feel will never be surpassed.  I love art and all types of music old and new.  I’m also a pop culture junkie and history buff.

For me, the vantage point and/or common denominator (of it all) are the famous rock posters and its golden era 1955 – 1971.  Because,  they were bold, expressed freedom, broke the molds set in the 1950s and reflected the social climate of the times.

Lot’s of relative topics will springboard from this.  Yes, it’s about posters…but, also the things happening around them, yesterday & today.

Bye y’all from Atlanta.

I also go by Billy or (Beebs)