Rose Bowl Rock Poster

Well, the latest news on this Rose Bowl Rock Poster is the seller decided to take one auction it off on Ebay. it sold and made a pretty good return at $52.66 I believe. If you remember this particular seller bought 30 of these American Music Show Handbills at an estate sale recently. He had sent me some images and info (as much as he could) on the piece to see if I could could come up with an appraised value.

If you look at many of these Rose Bowl Rock Poster designs – whether it is full posters, handbills, or post cards (which were the printed pieces of choice to promote the concerts) you get a certain feel for the value. Handbills (unless very rare) are usually in the $50.00 range. This is a beautiful 8 X 4 mint condition card by artists VanHamersveld and Schnef and a very nice affordable collectors piece.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these you can keep an eye out on Ebay as they will possibly be showing up time to time. Or you may shoot us an email and I can put you in direct contact with the seller.

You know there are many stories that go along with that handbill and that particular 1968 American Music Show @ The Rose Bowl. One I’ll share now…Sam Andrew (Guirartist Big Brother & The Holding Co.) quotes:

“We hopped in a limousine after the gig, and the fans piled on top. I was afraid we would be crushed.”  
15 September 1968   Rose Bowl    Pasadena 

Rose Bowl Rock Poster

This was an interesting quote, because I just read in “The West of Center: Art and The Counter Culture Experiment in America, 1965-1977” that this  Rose Bowl concert was not well attended.  As a result Pinnacle (Three partners known as Pinacle Rock Conerts) failed financially and the Shrine Concerts ended.

Many of the Pinnacle Shows were at the Shrine Auditorium. Also, John Van Hamersveld (one of the artists on this piece) was in fact one of the founding partners in Pinnacle Rock Concerts.

This Rose Bowl Rock Poster was co-designed by Bob Schnepf and John Van Hamersfeld.


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    • Bob Ramirez
    • 1 December, 2014

    I was at this show and it was Great!

  1. Reply

    I would buy one at THAT price! Just a few months before my dad joined the band — My father joined the Mothers Of Invention live touring band from November of 1968 through May of 1969. Lowell George.

    • Sent Jumpin'
    • 9 February, 2019

    Hi Forrest!
    Hey man, sorry for the delayed response, this comment approval got buried & just now retrieved it.

    Glad I did, loved loved your father’s work, sheer genius. God bless. And also, I’m a huge Zappa fan and yes I saw on one of the many documentaries on Zappa your father was in that all star lineup. Wonder if George Duke was playing then? So good.

    This poster is killer,eh? Notice the designer John Van Hamersfeld…he is friends with Eric Albronda (Blue Cheers first drummer). You need to check out the wonderful rock & roll stories he shared with me on this blog, very very cool. go here:

    Great to hear from you! I bookmarked your FB page, let’s keep it up.! See you man!

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