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Sent Jumpin’


    • Andy Patros
    • 13 March, 2016


    I have a large dark blue and white poster, measuring approx. 50.25” X 51.5”, it contains many images, shapes, and is bordered with the phrase below:

    “As the dewdrop slips into the shining sea, a thousand flowers bloom, and ALL our names are but one name, on the unstrung warps of time, across the seas of change, the silent singer sings, the gates to home are open, as the dewdrop slips into the shining sea!”

    Some inquiries I have made across the internet have told me that the large poster was part of the book Seed written by Stephen Durkee, 1974, Harmony Books, Crown Publishers, with an introduction by Ram Dass. Durkee was also a collaborator with Timothy Leary I believe. The poster has been folded but that is how it was originally packaged.

    I have images of the poster located at this link:

    I can provide additional photos as well.

    I’m seeking to sell the poster, and wondered if you may be interested in purchasing it or have clients that may also be interested.

    Thank you for your consideration and assistance.


    Andy Patros
    1127 Pennsylvania Ave.
    Elmira, NY 14904

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